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Our Tahini

Made from 100% stone-ground Ethiopian sesame seeds.

Smooth, delicate, naturally sweet and not bitter. Made to perfection in the West Bank for 5 generations.

High in protein, calcium and iron. Free of sugar and trans fat.

Bridging Communities

Our mission is seeding a healthy change in kitchens and communities. We believe economic collaboration is a way to build bridges.

SoCo supports MEET - Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow -  a non-profit in full partnership with MIT since 2004 that connects young Israeli and Palestinian students using the common language of technology and entrepreneurship.
Every SoCo jar sold helps fund an Israeli- Palestinian student startup at MEET.

From our Community

Delicious Plant Power

Plants have been carrying the force of life for millions of years.
We develop and produce delicious plant-based products that make the healthy choice easy.
We use this energy to seed a healthy change in people and communities.

What’s “plant power”?

How do we make the healthy choice easy? By making it taste and feel great, and using it as a force for positive change. We believe the key to living well is choosing to invite good things into our bodies and minds, and leaving others out. Our mission is seeding a healthy change in what we put into our body to influence our own feeling and the community around us.
That’s what we mean by “discover your plant power”.