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Light Roast Tahini

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  • Classic Creamy Sesame Butter
  • Nutrient Density in a jar

    Get ready for a smoother, creamier, irresistible artisanal tahini crafted from single origin sesame seeds, stone-ground to perfection

    Our unique slow roasting process helps keep more of those mighty seed nutrients, offering you nutrient-dense sesame butter

    We are more than just food!

    Our woman-owned brand believes in bringing people and communities together. 1% of our sales go to building bridges between people and communities.

    Our Story

    SoCo - Seeds of Collaboration - started through an Israeli-Palestinian partnership. We believe economic collaboration is a way to build bridges. We support MEET (Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow), a non-profit in full partnership with MIT that connects young Israeli and Palestinian students using the common language of technology and entrepreneurship.
    Every SoCo product sold helps fund a student startup at MEET, seeding more partnerships like ours.

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