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Which Pesto is Nut-Free? Introducing SoCo's 100% Nut-Free Pesto

If you're on the hunt for a nut-free pesto, you'll want to check out SoCo's tahini-based version. 

What makes SoCo's nut-free pesto special?

  • Zero nuts (and dairy)
  • The same herby flavor as your more traditional pestos
  • One special ingredient that takes pesto to the next level…sesame seeds

    Why sesame seeds are perfect for nut-free pesto 

    Sesame seeds are our thing. We’re always looking to create delicious spreads, dips and dressings with these mighty seeds and as it turns out, they are an amazing substitute for the cashew and pine nuts (the nuts you’ll find in the majority of ready made pesto jars). This is why we think sesame seeds work so well in pesto:

    • They add an extra something to the pesto - a depth of flavor.
    • If you’ve ever tried tahini (ground sesame seeds) you know that it is amazingly versatile and great for creating different sauces; pesto is no exception!
    • Not just any old sesame seeds either; the ones we use are sustainably sourced, single-origin humera sesame seeds from Ethiopia (these guys have earned the reputation of being the tastiest sesame seeds in the world)
    • Sesame seeds are considered a 'superfood', packed with lots of beneficial nutrients like omega fatty acids (important for heart health), antioxidants like vitamin E (good for a skin, nails and hair)
    • The way we stone-grind and uniquely slow roast our sesame seeds produces such a creamy pesto. This process also helps to retain all the important nutrients

          In other words, Tahini & Pesto is the ‘pesto’ of both worlds (pardon the pun). You get the classic pesto ingredients plus all the natural, creamy goodness from our ground-sesame seeds.

          nut-free pesto jar

          Does it still taste like pesto-pesto? 

          Yes! If anything, the flavor is just a bit more earthy and a tad more zesty than your authentic Italian pesto (if you want to know more about what tahini itself tastes like - here’s our answer).

          What ingredients are in the SoCo's nut-free pesto? 

          The ingredients in all our products are always simple, straightforward and natural. 

          To make our nut-free pesto we use: single origin sesame seeds, basil, oregano, parsley salt, garlic and lemon peel. That’s it. 

          And we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. It's:

          • Creamy (very creamy)
          • Ready to use: you just open the lid and drizzle, spread and pesto to your heart's content
          • Made with zero nuts in facility that doesn't handle nuts
          • Vegan too - not a drop of dairy
          • Non-GMO verified and all that good stuff

          How many servings of nut-free pesto per jar?

          12 servings per jar.

            How can I use this nut-free pesto?

            Use in all the same ways you'd normally use pesto! For pastas, sandwiches, pizzas - it’s also a wonderfully easy dressing for your salads and veggies. 

            These handy squeeze packs of our nut-free pesto are also great for pesto-ing on the go. Take them on holiday with you and if you are staying somewhere with your own kitchen you’ll be able to throw together a tasty, nutritious meal in no time (we do other flavors too).

            Great too for camping, picnicking, and drizzling on lunchbox salads - as well as making airplane meals a bit more exciting (#SoConvenient).

            Check out our recipe page for lots more delicious tahini inspiration. 


            nut-free pesto