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Our Tahini

For five generations, lovingly made and passed down, SoCo takes no shortcuts to make gourmet tahini superfood. There are no secrets - we spend more time, and give more attention to our process.

Smoother, Creamier, Pure, Authentic 

  • We take only the best - 100% natural, non-GMO, carefully selected Ethiopian Humera seeds.
  • We soak longer, and more gently, for zero bitterness and to keep in essential health benefits.
  • The slow-roasting at lower temperatures keeps the nutrients and flavor.
  • The traditional stone-milling preserves the care and adds the perfect creaminess.
  • Our care in peanut-free and allergen-free handling means it's safe for the family.
  • Every jar sold helps fund an Israeli- Palestinian student startup at MEET to help create a better tomorrow.

 Like a fine wine, SoCo is perfectly balanced, with just a hint of delicious nuttiness, and zero bitterness.